OC1 Extra Glue Remover 500ml

SEK 164.00 inkl. moms*

OC1 Extra Glue Remover, 500ml

Preparation for removing stickers as well as dissolving and removing adhesive residue from stickers and labels. Properties:

  • Very good dissolving and cleaning properties
  • Quick removal of adhesive residue without scratches
  • Dissolves chewing gum, wax and other sticky coatings

Spray the area which needs to be cleaned from glue. Leave it for 1/2min to let it work. Wipe off rest of the glue with towel.

Kategori Tvätt & Rengöring


* Baserat på hemvist i Sweden. Moms för andra länder beräknas i kassan. Pris exklusive moms: SEK 131.20.